A4MT organizes the DATACENTER challenge

The challenge will aim to reveal and demonstrate through proof of exemplary sobriety approaches, share good practices and above all mobilize the entire data value chain.
centers but also computer rooms in a playful and collective initiative.

Every month, the candidates who have made the greatest energy savings, backed up by a meter, will share the technical and organizational solutions implemented in the field.

CUBE Datacenter is part of the French Energy Savings Championship.

How's it going ?

With the conviction that “every gesture counts”, communication and awareness-raising actions are carried out. You are a company using IT services, private or public actors, colocation actors: the competition is open to all stakeholders, owners, users, operators of data processing centers. From the first season, the competition will be European in scope, international players will thus be welcome.

For each participant, their energy consumption of their buildings is collected on a dedicated web platform. It is then compared to their historical consumption to measure their progress and quantify the energy savings achieved monthly during critical time slots.

December End of 2022 -> T1 2023
Phase 1

Development of the platform with the founders

January 1, 2023
Phase 2

Opening of registrations

September 1, 2023
Phase 3

Launch of the Challenge CUBE Datacenter season 1

September 30, 2023
Phase 4

Closing of registrations for season 1

Track your progress each month and your ranking in real time!