Go digital green with the challenge CUBE DATACENTER

An annual nationwide competition for the reduction of energy consumption on digital services.

Registration phase
for the 2023/2024 season


Data centers already registered for this season


Remaining before the end of registrations, October 01, 2023

To win, only measured performance counts!

The challenge will aim to reveal and demonstrate through proof of exemplary sobriety approaches, share good practices and above all mobilize the entire value chain of data centers but also computer rooms in a fun and collective initiative. Every month, the candidates who have made the greatest energy savings, backed up by a meter, will share the technical and organizational solutions implemented in the field.

Anyone can register

Datacenter AND IT rooms Company using IT services, private and public players, colocation players, etc.

Everyone can win

Different podiums (type of actors, size of infrastructure, origins of energy, etc.)


How's it going ?

With the conviction that "every gesture counts", awareness-raising actions are carried out in each participating building, with technical services and agents, so that everyone adopts more responsible behavior.

December End of 2022 -> T1 2023
Phase 1

Development of the platform with the founders

January 1, 2023
Phase 2

Opening of registrations

September 1, 2023
Phase 3

Launch of the Challenge CUBE Datacenter season 1

September 30, 2023
Phase 4

Closing of registrations for season 1

A punch effect

1 year to achieve maximum energy savings

An effective tool to mobilize

an animation program to combine action, analysis and exchanges between participants!

A unifying program

all buildings can join a specific league